Crawling is Underrated

Crawling is Underrated

Crawling is underrated.

People tend to think that because humans crawl, walk, and then run; that only the latter should be considered exercise. The truth of the matter is that running is the most efficient of the three movements and when it comes to burning calories efficiency is not the goal.

Efficiency can be thought of as the path of least resistance.  Crawling is the path of most resistance especially if you were to view resistance in this situation as gravity’s effect on the body.

In terms of burning calories and improving overall strength, crawling is the most effective of the three movements. 

Crawling is a developmental movement that gives us the base line strength and rhythm necessary to maintaining a proper gait. Not to mention, that it is a great stabilization and core strengthening exercise. Additionally, crawling with proper form can help improve the integrity of your shoulder and increase wrist flexibility.

Negative side effects include weird looks from strangers.

How to Crawl-

There are many different ways to crawl that you have heard of since childhood. Bear crawl, crab walk, army crawl. In terms of this discussion we are going to focus on the bear crawl.

The Bear crawl probably looks a lot different than you remember it from 5th grade gym class.

The main points are:

·      Keep your spine neutral and elongated

·      Move contralaterallly (Opposite hand, opposite foot)

·      Move smoothly-  avoid clunking around

Don’t forget to warm up!  Specifically, your wrists and forearms need the most attention. Crawling can be very taxing to people who are not used to walking on their hands.

The first few times you try this I guarantee it is going to feel unnatural, but with some practice crawling will be an excellent weapon to add to your arsenal of exercises.

Here is the challenge: Two minutes of crawling straight!

No rests, moving forward, backwards, sideways- however you feel like moving!

I bet those shoulders are going to burn a lot quicker than you think.

(Its easier if people arn't talking to you, hehehe)

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