Six-pack abs in 60 days

Six-pack abs in 60 days

Almost anyone who works out has a vision of themselves with perfect six-pack abs. That dream is attainable if you do two things. 

Step 1: Train your abs like you train the rest of your muscles!

Step 2: Stop eating.

(Weighted ab workout at end of the article)

Ok, so in fairness, the title is almost total bullshit, but let’s be realistic: six-pack abs aren’t easily attainable. Unless you are one of the few genetically gifted people born with abdominal muscles carved from stone, you’re going to have work really hard for a six-pack. Most of that work will be done in the kitchen.

The truth is, most people have abs, but they just can’t see them. The abs are usually well-protected by a layer of adipose tissue (i.e., fat). But, if you want to make them see the light of day, let’s go back to the steps.

Step 1: Train your abs like you train the rest of your muscles!

People generally train their abs differently than they train the rest of the muscles in their body, and I don’t really understand why. Generally speaking, when you see people training their abs, you see countless reps of small movements aimed at the upper abdominals—so, crunches. When that gets too easy, the average gym-goer tacks on five extra reps to make them a little harder.

Say you’re trying to get a firmer booty. You’d dead-lift, and as that got easier, you’d probably tack on reps until you got to doing sets of 12. After 12 reps of whatever weight you were lifting—say, 100 pound—became easy, it’d be time to up the weight.

Sure, you could keep the weight the same and change up the tempo or add some pauses and still see some adaptation, but after a few weeks 100 pounds just won’t do much for you. It will still be a great warm-up, but if you want that twerk-ready booty you’ll have to increase the load.

Your abs work the same way. There is no need to do 100 crunches when you can do 10 reps of ab wheel rollouts.

Step 2: Stop eating.

OK, fine. Don’t stop eating.  That’s not good nutrition coaching, but it is the fastest way see your abs and get that “classic” emaciated look.

Let’s scale back rule number 2 and go with some more practical advice: stop eating so much.

Portion control is a huge problem now that most people stop eating whenever the show they’re watching on Netflix ends.

I know portion control isn’t revolutionary, much less sexy or cool, but it works, so let’s try to abide by the one plate rule: Thou shalt not eat more than one plate’s worth of food. (Meaning no seconds—exceptions can be made for salads and veggies.)

Don’t try a crash diet or a cleanse; those are mostly scams. Additionally, any weight-loss program that requires you to buy food from a specific company is just looking for more ways to get cash from you. None of it will make getting six-pack abs easier than portion control.

Eating smaller portions means you will eat fewer calories, and eating fewer calories than you burn (perhaps by following the awesome workout below) will allow those abs to come out of hiding.

Boss Ab Blaster-

Hanging weighted knee-ups: 3x8 

Pro tip: Hang actively, imagine trying to put your shoulder blades in your back pocket

Dumbbell pull-overs: 3x10

Pro tip: Brace your abs throughout the entire movement

Weighted rollouts: 3x10

Pro tip: the best way to do this is with a barbell and bumper plates, Although it can be done on a smith machine (as seen in the video)

Weighted push-ups: 3x10

Pro tip: place the weight in the middle of your lower back, and maintain a solid plank position throughout the movement

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