The Superhero Diet: how (Insert actor) got ready for (insert film)

The Superhero Diet: how (Insert actor) got ready for (insert film)

Nowadays, Hollywood puts out a new superhero movie every other week, and the pool of actors tapped to star in those movies has grown accordingly. Five years ago you would have never guessed that guys like Paul Rudd or Chris Pratt would be cast as leads in these movies. They both started far from the archetypal superhero physique, but put in the time and effort to get their bodies into the shape the public expects.

Unfortunately this leads to magazine covers that perpetuate America’s body image issue. Whether it’s great genetics or the wonders of digital editing, these actors enjoy advantages that normal folks do not.

This is not to say that your favorite superhero didn’t put in the work, because (s)he absolutely did. But if actors need to prepare for a role, they have the means to do nothing but work out and have a personal chef cook for them for six months. If you had that kind of money and time, I imagine you’d be in great shape as well. (Additionally, if you knew that you’d be naked on camera in front of millions of people, and that footage would be available forever, you might have an easier time skipping dessert.)

There are many different diet plans with different underlying science-backed reasoning. The reason for this is because there are so many types of people. Genetics plays a large role in your ability to “perfect” your body.  One common theory states that 70 percent of your body type is determined by genetic factors. Personally, I believe that percentage is horseshit. Sure, your genes play a huge role in your ability to alter your body composition, but having only 30 percent control makes no sense. You see people alter their body composition to reach extremes all the time, from sumo wrestlers to marathon runners. If you need some more examples, just download Instagram.

Genetics affects the rate at which you lose weight, and thus the strategy you need to implement if you’re trying to shed pounds. So, your genes will determine your ability to achieve a perfect eight-pack like the cast of 300, but they won’t stop you from reaching a healthy weight and looking strong. Some means of altering body composition are universal, though—for example, anybody who stops eating will become emaciated before they die. That isn’t practical advice, but it does work across every demographic.

You’ll see advertisements online for the “superhero workout” or the workout [insert actor] did to get ready for [insert film]. People will tell you that their plan is the best one, that such and such did it through only Zumba and cutting out sugar. However, the recipe is not a secret. Everything has already been tested and confirmed, so we know what works for your goals!

Do you want to …

·      Rapidly lose weight? Fix your diet.

·      Look stronger or build muscle? Lift weights.

·      Improve your mental health? Do endurance cardio.

·      Sleep better? Just exercise in general.

·      Run faster? Do high intensity interval training (HIIT)—in this case, sprints.

·      Boost your metabolism? Again, HIIT.

·      Never get injured? Go for a walk.

·      Look like The Rock? Get new DNA. (Good luck on that one.)

Although if you need help designing a plan that works specifically for your needs. I am happy to help! Send me an email

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