Wax on, Fat off: Exercises that can be done with a towel

Wax on, Fat off: Exercises that can be done with a towel

If you’re trying to gain bodybuilder muscles and rapidly change your body composition, you need to join a gym and lift heavy weights.

Some of my online coaching clients have no interest in lifting weights, though. And, while I strongly encourage weightlifting, it is not absolutely necessary to create substantial changes in body composition.

Fortunately, calisthenics can be done almost anywhere, and there are many ways to get a tough workout in the comfort of your own home. With nothing more than a towel, a chair, and something to hang from, you can go through a workout that would challenge many professional athletes.

The mantra of many strength and nutrition coaches is, “Body composition is 80 percent nutrition and 20 percent exercise.”  If your diet is on point and you are challenging yourself with tough body weight exercises, there is no reason you cannot look like a gymnast—because most of them are using the same strategy!

Try these exercises to get a kickass workout with just a towel (and clean your floor at the same time):

1. Towel Drags

This exercise provides tough work for your shoulders and core. Be sure to keep your hips squared with the ground throughout the movement.

2.  Towel Push-ups

This progression of a regular push-up can help you build up to a one-armed push-up. 

3. The Body Saw

This is one of my new favorite exercises because it targets your lower abs differently than any other exercise. Only go as far back as you feel comfortable and do not let your hips drop! Try this one and I guarantee you’ll feel it tomorrow. 

4. Pikes


Try to keep your back as flat as possible and your stomach braced like you are about to get hit.

Regression : reverse crunches

5. Mountain Climbers

This is an awesome burnout exercise to get the heart rate going. Don't stop moving! 

Try 3 sets of this circuit, guaranteed to make laughing uncomfortable tomorrow :)

1a) Towel Drags: Go for a long distance

1b) Towel Push-ups-:5 each side

1c) Body Saw: 10 reps

1d) Pikes: 10 reps

1e) Mountain Climbers:45 seconds

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