Nowadays everybody spends a lot of time sitting at a desk using the computer, or walking around looking straight down at their smartphones. 

This habit is having a serious effect on our posture and body language. Posture and body language are far from sexy selling points but they're crucial for our mental and physical well being. Don't believe me? Check out this Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy: 

In modern society this problem has become an epidemic. Sure you can adjust your posture whenever you are cued to, but can you maintain it?

So often I see people with their shoulders rounded forwarded and anterior head carriage (that means you look like a turtle.). I rarely come across a person in Chicago that doesn't suffer from some sort of postural imbalance and what is being done about it? 

Nothing! Or preventative measures, but it is too late for preventative measures! Its like going to the doctor after you break your arm falling down the stairs and the doctor telling you, "from now on hold on to the railing". Great! But that doesn't fix the current problem. 

That doesn't mean that a standing desk and holding your phone higher won't help, but the actions that need to be taken are corrective measures! 

Therefore what I strive to do is help people learn the exercises and stretches necessary to remove pain and fix that unattractive posture.

If you are interested in having me come get your office or group of friends back on track, I would love to help! The events are fun too! 

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