Leigh (Chicago, IL)

For a few months, I have been working out with Jake once a week. Every week he plans exercises for all different parts of the body- abs, legs, and arms. In addition, Jake has struck a perfect balance of implementing new exercises as well as increasing strength/difficulty of previous exercises. I have noticed a large improvement in muscle definition, strength, and physical ability since working out with Jake. The benefits of working out with Jake go beyond the hour that we meet each week. Jake helps me plan out my personal running schedule. In addition, when I tell Jake that some part of me is sore (anywhere from lower back to shin splints), he introduces exercises and stretches to help me. Jake also helps answer all my fitness related questions. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness/health and helps relay the information to me in a way I understand.

As someone who was intimidated by strength exercises in the past, Jacob has made them accessible to me. Jake has taught me the most effective exercises as well as proper form so I feel comfortable completing them in between sessions. In addition, Jake's demeanor is a perfect mix of encouragement, friendliness, and motivation so that I look forward to, and don’t dread, each session!


Mike (Evanston, IL)