Mike (Evanston, IL)

My dear wife loves Jake Dermer even though they have never met!  Susan has watched me over the past couple of decades devote myself to working out on a "sort of regular" basis and each time slide back to my all-too-familiar bulging self. 
Why has Jake Dermer, in just two months, given me the opportunity to turn all that around and change myself physically like I (and Susan) have envisioned?  I attribute it to his deep background knowledge and the manner with which he applies it to my efforts in a customized and personal way.  He listens to how I've felt since our last routine and carefully observes how attentive and energetic and I am at the start of our sessions.  He discusses how each effort is impacting a certain part of my anatomy and constantly challenges me, without playing the drill sergeant.  Every visit is unique, addressing my next step toward the "new me" from my core out.  
I've never left the club feeling anything but great. My monitor-tracked sleep has improved dramatically and my weight has dropped to a ten-year low.  My strength, flexibility and balance improve every week. I truly feel younger than my 60-plus years.  My doctor is amazed at my progress and tells me to keep it up!  That's a slam dunk because Jake tells me why it's working now and why it didn't before.  
I just wish my wife would stop saying, "Thank you, Jake!", when she gives me a hug each morning on my way to work.

Janelle (Champaign, IL)

Leigh (Chicago, IL)