Four Little Legitimate Diet Hacks for Fat Loss

Four Little Legitimate Diet Hacks for Fat Loss

Start every day with a large glass of water!


1)   It fills you up! Ever try drinking a liter of water?  Your next sentence won’t likely be about food.

2)   You are probably dehydrated!  Think about how many other times of day you go 6 hours without a drink.

3)   Get your metabolism going for 0 calories!

Eat More Vegetables!  

Why? (This could be a book)

1) If you eat more vegetables, you eat less garbage. This way you don't have to think about what foods to avoid or eat in moderation. You don't have to feel like you are on a diet. Can you eat one tenth of 1% more vegetables than you did yesterday? Lets try that every day. 

2) They contain the vitamins and nutrients essential for the body to function efficiently. Additionally, veggies greatly reduce your risk of diabetes and stoke!

3) Most people were lied to about the "food pyramid". Harved School of Public Health now suggests the food plate: 

This update is a huge improvement from the original pyramid design. Although I still think there is room for improvement! A perfect plate should look like this except the vegetables and healthy protein should be larger and the whole grains should be as skinny as a tiny piece of pie. 

Drink Water, not Calories! 

Why? (See #1)

An ideal diet has only one drink, and that is water. To make you feel better about sticking to water, think back about a thousand years. No one ever complained about only drinking water because it does one magical thing..... sustaining life.

I have no qualms with tea or coffee either. (I think of them as hot leaf water and hot bean water)

Note*- For drinkers, if you want to drink on the healthier side I recommend wine. Think of wine as liquid grapes, pretty sugary but relatively not so bad. Think of beer as liquid bread, I wouldn't sit at a bar stool and eat pieces of wonder bread all night, would you?

Don't Eat Right Before Bed

Fact: In terms of body composition it really doesn't matter what time you eat or what your meal frequency is. 

So if your schedule allows no other alternative eat whenever you have to.

Although I recommend not eating before bed because will power is a finite resource that diminishes as the day goes on. Why leave an important decision like what to put into your body, to a person who's impulse control has been tested all day? 

Make life easier by choosing to make all those decisions earlier in the day. Plan ahead! 

In addition, why wait until right before bed to brush your teeth? Brush your teeth as soon as you are done eating for the day. That way you know you did good if you go to bed and your mouth is still minty fresh! 

Thanks for reading!

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