Fitness For Festival Season

Fitness For Festival Season

It is May 11, and we are two weeks away from the start of music festival season, a magical time of year when both EDM fans and hippies actually share the same interests: camping, dancing, “spiritual enhancement” and tunes (though not necessarily in that order).

Many of you are familiar with the soreness that follows a long weekend spent living the dirtbag lifestyle. Some of us have no problem making the transition back to reality; maybe your everyday life has prepared you for the stresses of these ragers. For most of us, though, that’s probably not the case.

Whether a rookie or a veteran, everyone feels a festival’s consequences for days afterward. The hours of jumping, dancing, and fist pumping take a toll; even hardcore festival-goers’ bodies normally don’t adapt until the second or third trip of the season. This year, though, when you see your sunburnt coworkers and classmates limping in with sore backs and tight calves, you’ll laugh, feeling relaxed, limber, and ready for round two.

Why is this year going to be different? The answer is simple: you’ll be prepared. When you arrive to subject yourself to days of stimulant-induced dancing and food truck cuisine, your body will be ready for it.

If you’re ready to get off your ass and impress all the rave squirrels and wooks, here are a few very transferable skills to prep you for festival season:


Festival skill: Dancing for days/rhythm and timing

Exercise: Jump rope drillz


Ali Shuffle

Single Leg Hops

Integrated Double Unders  


Festival skill: Fist pumping for days

Exercise: Banded shoulder presses


Festival skill: Staying upright while “rolling face”

Exercise: Single-arm suitcase carry on a 2x4

Festival skill: Putting a rave squirrel on your shoulders

Exercise: Barbell lunges


Festival skill: Intense swaying/head bobbing

Exercise: Standing Cable Crunch


Festival skill:  Returning to everyday life unscathed

Exercise: Kettlebell dead-lift

The festival fitness workout:

Remember, festival season is a marathon, not a sprint. This workout is programmed as such.

Jump rope warm-up (loosen your calves before beginning)

·      30s Standard jump rope

·      30s Ali shuffle

·      30s Single leg

·      30s Other leg

·      30s Standard

·      30s Double under every fifth jump

Note: The goal is three minutes straight, with no breaks.


Workout circuit (3x)

·      Banded shoulder press: 20 reps

o   Go slow on the way down, fast on the way up (tempo of 5:1:1)[CT3] .

·      Barbell reverse lunges: 20 reps (10 each leg)

o   Put the weight of a small person on your back.

·      Balance kettlebell carry: down and back on both sides

o   Aim for a kettlebell with 25–30 percent of your body weight.

o   If you are going to fall off, just step down.

·      Kettlebell dead-lift: 20 reps

·      Standing Cable Crunch 20 Reps

Maintain good form throughout; let the kettlebell settle before picking it back up. A standing cable crunch is essentially the inverse of a deadlift , so make sure you are pushing your hips back.

-Stay hydrated and enjoy yourself

Tis the season!

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