Eat a hamburger, pass out on the floor.  Nobody’s perfect.

Eat a hamburger, pass out on the floor.  Nobody’s perfect.

Not every day will go your way.

There are days when you get to work early in the morning and finish all your work before 1 pm, and there are days when you watch cute animal videos and fall asleep during work hours.  There are days when you eat healthy and days when you eat garbage. There are days when your workout is awesome and days when you phone it in.

The point is, there are good days and bad days. That is a fact of life. Another fact is that consistency is far more important than intensity—the bad days don’t matter, as long as most of your days are good. 

Additionally, it isn’t that hard to change a bad day into a good day. For instance, the other day I trained clients from 5:30 to 11:00 am straight. Afterward, I stopped at a burger place, ate it on the floor in front of my television, and then proceeded to pass out there for three hours. While this wasn’t my proudest moment, nor a good practice, overall the day didn’t end up so bad. I woke up from the nap feeling a little less than proud of my productivity level, so I decided to move around. Whenever your day is going poorly or you are feeling down in the dumps, the one thing you can control is your state. Your physical state and your mental state are directly connected, and it is much, much easier to improve the former than the latter.

In my very small studio apartment, I decided to do a little workout. It wasn’t incredibly complicated, but it was incredibly effective.

I’m still shocked at how many people think you need a gym to work out. You really don’t. Here are three simple bodyweight workouts that you can master in your home before ever stepping foot in a gym.

Lower body day:

·      100 Bulgarian split squats (50 each leg)

·      100 squats

·      Planks Plus (5x 20 seconds each leg)

And done.

Core day:

·      100 single-leg Romanian dead lifts (50 each leg)

·      100 single-leg squats (50 each leg)

·      100 dead bugs

That’s it.

Upper body day:

·      100 push-ups

·      50 pull-ups

·      100 lunges (50 each leg)

Simple. Easy. Effective.

No frills, just straight work. In order to make these more challenging, decrease the amount of time you have to complete the full workout. To start, just aim to finish, but then set a timer. Start with 20 minutes and work your way down to 15. You don’t have to do these in any particular order, either. You can do five reps of each exercise in a circuit until you finish, or all 100 push-ups and then move on. It’s up to you, just finish the volume and finish it fast.

Good luck! These are a lot harder than they sound.

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