Five Fitness Hacks for Work

Five Fitness Hacks for Work

Having trouble juggling work and fitness?

It can be tough to stay healthy at work while navigating around candy bowls and birthday parties, here are five ways to make it a little bit easier:

1) Bring a large water bottle to work.

Sure, it might reduce water cooler chatter, but you are much more likely to hydrate properly if you don’t have to refill paper cups 100 times. Plus, water is filling, facilitates muscle growth, and has zero calories.

2) Work out before work.

Most people think that you have to be a morning person to go to the gym before work. The truth is, there are no morning people. Everyone would prefer to stay in bed when they wake up. The difference is that some people get over it and others don’t. After work, you are going to want to unwind; I know I do.

Need an extra push? Try going to sleep in your gym clothes so you are ready for your morning workout. As a bonus motivation, you are going to feel like a real dick if you wake up, change out of your workout clothes, and don’t exercise.

3) Pack a lunch and/or snacks.

Most offices have a workplace candy bowl, which can become difficult to turn down as the day goes on. It can be even more difficult if you work at a large company where every other day is someone’s birthday, with cake or something equally unhealthy sitting around.

The way I handle parties and the associated social pressure to eat is by eating my healthy snack before cake, and proceeding to say I’m not hungry. Or alternatively, I ask for a very thin slice, eat just the frosting (not a health tip, it’s just the best part of the cake), and throw away the rest.

4) Take the stairs.

Generally, this tip is the most helpful and the least adhered to. Firstly, I understand a lot of people do not have the option. One way around that is by taking the long way to work, or parking farther away than usual.

Second, you are probably thinking “I don’t want to get sweaty.” I can relate; there is nothing worse than sitting down in your own filth and having to listen to people talk about political correctness. (At least, that’s what happens in my nightmares.)

Try starting with just going down the stairs—it’s fun, doesn’t make you sweat, and burns calories. (Note: this is not recommended for people with knee pain.)

5) Stand at your desk, or if not, stand as much as possible.

They say sitting is the new smoking, because it is slowly killing you. I wouldn’t go that far, but I would say that sitting is most likely the cause of your lower back pain, and potentially the tightness in your upper back. Besides, when you are standing or moving around, you just feel better.

Motion creates emotion.”–Tony Robbins

You don’t have to buy a fancy standing desk, either. Stack a pile of books if you have to, mine is an old hospital tray that looks like this:










I hope these tips help!

If you want some customized help getting your workplace fitness on point, send me an email at

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